GEISTERWELT NIGHT PARTY RADIO LIVE Geisterwelt team is a dj team from Thessaloniki / Greece ( currently based in Nuremberg / Germany ) that organize music events, with a past record from 1998 in dark scene, with many Dj sets in Goth Festivals all over Europe. The two members of Geisterwelt dj team are also known as: Dj SilentOrder (x-Nefelovamon, Thomas Karigkas - since 1998) and Madaley Selket ( Marlen Moysidou - member since 2006 ). https://www.facebo

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Among their djiing activities the duo has been releasing the GEISTERWELT CD COMPILATION 1 / 2 / 3 . An effort with no economic profit to promote the music they support and promote older and upcoming bands. Music such as Gothic Rock / Dark -Cold Wave / Postpunk /Obscure Synths /New wave. Additionally, since 2011, Thomas Karigas and Marlen Moisidou, have been covering major gothic/dark/industrial festivals and events around Europe, for several Greek magazines. As a dj team, Thomas and Marlen ha

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